Build Your Digital Empire

12 Week Business Coaching Group Program

February 20th - May 8th


 You have decided to be exactly who you are..unapologetically YOU..

You are more than ready to create multi six figures and beyond in your business..

You are working everyday to step more fully into your power and share your knowledge, gifts and skills with your perfect clients 

You know to the core of your soul that there are people on this planet who you were born to help and they need to listen to exactly what you have to say..

You know that what you have to share with your tribe is so needed and necessary..

However, you feel like there are parts of you deep within that are still holding you back from assuming your rightful place on your throne.

You are still struggling with business clarity, messaging, and aligning your passions and your purpose into OFFERS that SELL

You are ready to stop lurking in the shadows, step up powerfully and BUILD YOUR DIGITAL EMPIRE

It is time to break out of business limbo! You limbo..under earning, overwhelmed, and questioning why you even decided to do this entrepreneurship thingy

Now is Your Time To Shine!!!!!!

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My name is Rashida Gaye. I am a NLP Mindset Surgeon and Life & Business Coach.

I have created multi six figures in my first 2 years of business and I have helped women all around the world create thousands of dollars in new business revenue.

I find that the only stumbling blocks for women to create multi six figures and beyond in their businesses are their money & business beliefs and a lack of business clarity around who they are here to serve, their messaging, and their offers. I have helped my clients do that and so much more.

I was a successful sales rep with my previous employer and earned 2 million dollars for them. After receiving a fake gold watch as a bonus, I realized that I was underpaid and undervalued and I knew that one day I would create my own business. I figured if I could make someone 2 million, then why couldn't I do that for myself. You also have a great education, personal & work experiences, skills, and gifts that can be used in your own business.

I first started my business back in July 2015 but I was clueless about what it really takes to create a successful online business that was aligned to my passion and purpose.  In the beginning, I was struggling with fear, self-doubt, and a lack of business clarity. I invested in myself by working with a hypnotherapist and three multi millionaire business coaches to learn powerful subconscious mindset work and business strategies.

As I was growing my life coaching business, women began to reach out to me with their business struggles. My heart went out to them. I started building business coaching programs to help women release the subconscious limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that cause self-sabotage and also help them to perfectly align their passion and purpose with a successful business. 

Here are just a couple of testimonials from former clients.


"I have been working with Rashida for a little over 2 months one on one. We started with the Reclaim Your Power program and moved to the "Build Your Digital Empire" business coaching program. I struggle to put into words what it has done for me and my business.

It has changed my life. I had blocks that I wasn't even aware of and have been able to free those. 
In the business side, I have been able to gain clarity and attract my ideal clients. I picked up 3 new clients in the last week, all people who I can't wait to work with!

I have also begun having consistent 5 figure income months. It is unreal what she has been able to do for my business and in turn what it will do for my family and our financial freedom.

Y'all! I'm telling you, you will not regret any dollar you spend with this woman. It will change your life!"

Courtney McClasky, Marysville, WA

Note: Courtney messaged me last week to tell me that she created $16k in the month of April!!! ...her best month yet!


"I exceeded my goal of generating $10K this month. I created 14k this month!!!! After two months, I have created $25k!!!! These have been the best two months in my business! It wouldn't have been possible without Rashida's support. She revived me and helped me to reclaim my power & crown.  She also supported me in getting greater levels of brand clarification and we raised my prices.

I've trained with many who are considered the best in this entrepreneurship game, but Rashida truly transformed my life. I'm receiving compliment after compliment on how Confident I appear. People are citing my presence as Powerful. I've stepped into a new (rather healthier) sense of self. I feel grounded and UNSTOPPABLE. I've never felt this way for this long of a time.

It's sustainable because it's not from hype or motivation, but a deep connection to my worth and inner being.

I'm loving the (new) me!"

Quanisha Green, Philadelphia, PA 

They are just like you. They wanted to create more than enough money for themselves and their families. They wanted to wake up everyday and feel deeply connected to their passions and purpose. They weren't exactly sure how to achieve all of these things before working with me and I helped them to completely transform their lives and businesses.

You are an ambitious, professional who has already created some success in your professional life but you know there is so much more that you should be earning and contributing to improve the lives of others.

I deeply resonate with your deepest desires and personal struggles. I know that there are parts within you that cause you to doubt yourself, succumb to fear, and in essence block your path to success. These parts used to live within me and the inner work that I did with a Hypnotherapist completely transformed my life and business. This was the reason why I decided to become both a Mindset Surgeon and a Business Coach.

I know that you were born a VISIONARY.. A LEADER.. A CREATOR.. and it is my mission and purpose to help you with the deep inner work, subconscious mindset work, and business strategies to bring out all of this beauty from within you to help you make your MULTI SIX FIGURE DREAM a REALITY. This is why I created my Build Your Digital Empire 12 Week Business Coaching Group Program.


"Build Your Digital Empire" 12 Week Group Program

February 20th - May 8th

This program includes:


Week 1: Intro Session: In this session we will review the daily inner work and money mindset practice to create the daily empowered emotions and beliefs around money, sales, and business success. There is also a "Reclaim Your Power" hypnosis recording available if you need to feel  more powerful and increase  your self-belief and feelings of worthiness. Remember your subconscious thoughts and feelings will create the income reality in your business. Your sense of self-belief and self-worth is always attached to the amount of money that you will allow yourself to receive in business

Week 2: Business Mindset Work - Let's Prepare Your SubconsciousThis activity will help you to continue to discover the limiting beliefs around money, sales, and business and help you to re-frame them to create a new belief system that is only in support of your multi six figure destiny. When your subconscious mind is in alignment with your goals that are created in your conscious mind, manifesting your desires is easier. 

Week 3: Business Clarity Session - Business Purpose & Niche: In this session, I will help you get crystal clear clarity around your soulmate client, your life & business purpose, your niche, and the programs and offers that will sell

Week 4: Business Clarity Follow Up  Session : In this session, we will review the business clarity homework to ensure that you are on track in building offers that your soulmate client will buy. There is also a "business growth hypnosis" recording available after the session. This recorded session will reprogram your subconscious mind to believe that creating clients and cash with ease and flow is natural, easy, and happening NOW. It will also give you great business ideas. Remember, your subconscious mind is the real driver in your business and your business success already is within. It will help you tap into your intuition and your higher self.

Week 5: Attracting Your Clients and Speaking Their Language (Messaging): In this session, we will create your branding that will attract your soulmate clients. This session also covers how to create effective daily content on social media for your messaging to attract your soulmate clients. Remember, people buy for emotional reasons and justify it logically. You will learn how to create content that tugs at the heartstrings of your soulmate client. 

Week 6: Website Review/Development and SEO Optimization (90 - 120 minutes) : Are you still working to build a professional website that communicates your value to your soulmate client? Have you used SEO optimization to ensure that your clients can easily find you on Google? This session will help you build or make the changes to your website to reflect your brand and exactly how you can help you soulmate clients. There will also be a guest speaker who is the SEO Queen and an expert at helping you optimize your site to make more money.

Week 7: Marketing Training: This session covers the power of using effective social media marketing, local marketing, and email marketing to generate consistent leads into your business.

Week 8: Sales Funnel Design: In this session, I will show you how to build sales funnels to funnel those marketing leads into your offers. We will also cover developing effective opt-ins for your website and sales funnel for your programs.

Week 9: FB/Instagram Ads training : In this session I will cover using FB pixel and FB/Instagram ads at pennies on the dollar to boost your reach and connect to your soulmate tribe all over the world. After, I launched my first FB marketing campaign, I was able to successfully use FB Power Editor to invest only $47 and create $4400. It is an amazing tool!

Week 10: FB/Instagram Ads Funnel Design: In this session, we will ensure that you are ready to launch your sales funnel through FB/Instagram ads or face to face contacts and referrals.

Week 11: Sales Training: Sales is the lifeblood of your business. In this session, I will show you how to have powerful sales conversations with your potential soulmate client. I will also help you improve your conversion rates so that you can generate more income. 

Week 12: Income Creation & Planning Session: In this session, we will create the marketing and sales plan for your income from your upcoming sales funnel and program. This will be the blueprint that you can use whenever you launch a new offering.


Build Your Business Around Your Life Purpose!

You weren't put on this planet to waste your natural gifts and talents in a job, career, or business that is not connected to your purpose. All of your past work and personal experiences have perfectly prepared you to own a successful business and help your clients all over the world.  You have already had some success in your life and business and you are ready for the next level. I will show you exactly how to get there!

The Investment for the program is $2,397 if you pay in full. A payment plan of $817 for three months or $613 for four months is also available.

There is also a healing track of sessions available for an additional investment if you feel that your limiting beliefs and blocks stem from childhood and you need some deeper healing work to allow you to feel safe, secure, worthy, and powerful. The Investment for The Build Your Digital Empire 12 Week Program AND the Healing Track of Sessions is $2,797 if you pay in full. There is a payment plan available of $950 per month for three months or $712 per month for four months.

  • First Session: Hypnosis Regression Session to discover the root cause of the limiting beliefs & blocks to success 

  • Second Session: NLP Timeline Session to re-imprint the limiting beliefs & emotional blocks

There are also two bonuses included in the program that are valued at $1,997

Bonus #1 : Three 1:1 Individual 30 minute Bonus Sessions. The sessions can be used for business clarity, building your programs/offers, your marketing and sales plan, FB Ads help, Building your sales funnel, messaging & branding, and/or a hypnosis visioning session to merge you with your higher self and walk you into your vision, and/or any other personalized attention that you need to grow your online business.

Bonus #2" Audio recording of my Release Your Money Blocks Hypnosis Session. In this session, I regress you to the root cause of your money limiting beliefs and blocks to resolve them so that you can create more money in your business with ease and flow.


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This is the time for you to step forward to choose the next level of your life and business. You have always had the choice to create multi six figures and beyond in your business and serve your soulmate clients all over the world. Honor Your Choice NOW.