FB/Instagram Ads Live Virtual Training

Wednesday, November 7th at 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST


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You have decided to live your passion and help your ideal clients in powerful ways.

You are more than ready to create multi six figures and beyond in your business..

You are working everyday to step more fully into your power and share your gifts and skills with your ideal clients 

However, you are still struggling with generating consistent leads and closing more sales using online marketing strategies.

You are ready to easily attract more clients to grow your business to the next level.

It is time to learn how to generate more marketing leads into your business while you sleep and reach your warm leads in an easy effective way. Your warm leads are people who have already liked your business page, visited your website and are on your email list.

Now is Your Time To Help More People and Grow Your Business!


My name is Rashida Gaye. I am a NLP Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and Business Coach.

I created Multi Six Figures in the first two years of my online business by helping people all around the world create success in their lives and businesses.

I find that the only stumbling blocks for entrepreneurs to create multi six figures and beyond in their businesses are their own insecurities, branding, and their marketing & sales techniques. I have helped my clients do the inner work as well as help them implement proven business strategy for success.

I was a sales rep with my previous employer and earned 2 million dollars for them. After receiving a fake gold watch as a bonus, I realized that I was underpaid and undervalued and I knew that one day I would create my own business. I figured if I could make someone 2 million, then why couldn't I do that for myself. You also have great personal & work experiences, skills, and gifts that can be used in your own business.

I first started my business part time back in June 2015 but I was clueless about what it really takes to create a successful multi six figure online business that was aligned with my passion and purpose.  In the beginning, I was struggling with fear, self-doubt, and a lack of business clarity. I invested in myself by working with a hypnotherapist and three multi millionaires to learn powerful inner work and online business strategies.

As I was growing my business, women began to reach out to me with their business struggles. My heart went out to them. I started building business coaching programs to help entrepreneurs release the subconscious limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that cause self-sabotage and also help them to create business systems and strategy for success.

Here are some testimonials from former clients:

I exceeded my goal of attracting/generating $10K this month

I created $30k in less than 90 days!!!! It wouldn't have been possible without Rashida's support. She revived me and helped me to reclaim my power & crown.  She also supported me in getting greater levels of brand clarification and we raised my prices.

I've trained with many who are considered the best in this entrepreneurship game, but Rashida truly transformed my life. I'm receiving compliment after compliment on how Confident I appear. People are citing my presence as Powerful. I've stepped into a new (rather healthier) sense of self. I feel grounded and UNSTOPPABLE. I've never felt this way for this long of a time.

It's sustainable because it's not from hype or motivation, but a deep connection to my worth and inner being.

I'm loving the (new) me!

Quanisha Green, MS, Philadelphia, PA


Everyone needs this woman and what she offers in their lives! 

I was looking to hire a business coach for about four months and had two that I was contemplating. Both had the same fee structure as Rashida. Can’t put my finger on it but I kept putting off signing with one of them. 

I met Rashida at a woman’s health network event and knew immediately that I would hire her. 

My gut told me so! No reservations and haven’t regretted my decision once.

She is a teacher and a healer!I still can't believe it.

Working with Rashida helped me to create $25,000 in only 2 weeks in my residential cleaning business.

Everything that I asked for during our work together is manifesting right before my eyes.  I am still amazed at the power of my mind!

Marie Stone

Maple Valley, WA


Woohoooo!!!!!! Huge shout out to my private client Cherrise Wilks. She is the owner of Affinity Consulting Group which is based in Florida.

She helps non-profits, entrepreneurs, and government agencies secure funding to aid in their mission of helping people all over the world!!!

Since working together,  she has had her best months in business.. a $15K month and then a $29K month the following month!!!!!! She was also just awarded a massive contract with the City of Jacksonville for $500,000 for 6 months of work!!!!! Her dream of owning a multi million dollar corporation is coming to life!!

So proud of how she has stepped up to determine her own worth and value in the marketplace and align her programs and offers more closely to the needs of the people that she is here to serve!

Cherrise Wilks, Orlando, FL


Thanks to your help, we are manifesting!!!!! Joining the Profit On Purpose mastermind was the best decision! I have closed over $3 MILLION DOLLARS in new business during the mastermind. Also, My husband is also manifesting new construction jobs. He is hitting it big too. He should be finished this one house renovation for $80K.

Vilay Ly, Lake Elmo, MN

These entrepreneurs are just like you. They wanted to create more than enough money for themselves and their families. They wanted to wake up everyday and feel deeply connected to their passions and purpose. They weren't exactly sure how to achieve all of these things before working with me and I helped them to grow their businesses by helping them with the mindset work, inner work, and business strategy.

You are an ambitious entrepreneur who has already created some success in your professional life but you know there is so much more that you should be earning and contributing to improve the lives of others.

I know that you were born a VISIONARY.You are here to impact the lives of people in powerful ways.. and it is my mission to help you with the marketing & sales strategies to help you create MULTI SIX FIGURES AND BEYOND in your business.

This is why I created a FB/Instagram Ads Live Training

"FB/Instagram Ads Live Training: 

In this training I will show you how to:

  • Create great marketing content to use in your FB/Instagram Ads

  • Use FB/Instagram ads to promote your content to a targeted audience of potential clients/customers all over the world

  • Use FB Pixel to promote your offers to your warm leads. Your warm leads are your Website Visitors, Business Page Members, Previous Video Viewers, and those on your email list

  • Learn the easiest, cost effective way to reach more marketing leads using FB/Instagram Ads Training

  • You will also receive a recording of the training and a copy of my Instagram/FB Ads Manual




The investment for the program is $197. A payment plan of $125 for two payments every 14 days is also available.


Recorded Copy of the Training

Copy of My FB/Instagram Ads Manual 


I am so excited to help you create more marketing leads so that you can help your perfect ideal clients all over the world and grow your business.