I have been inspired to give you my free Hypnosis Audios so that you can see for yourself how powerful hypnosis is. There are so many misconceptions about exactly what hypnosis is.

NO, it is not mind control. I can’t make you cluck like a chicken or any other bizarre actions. Hypnosis simply is a way for me to relax your body. When you are in a relaxed state, your brain waves slow down to theta brain wave activity.

When your brain and mind are experiencing the theta state, I can make positive suggestions to you that go deeper into your subconscious mind. Most of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are subconscious so reprogramming this part of you is powerful and scientifically proven to create lasting transformation. 

The Hypnosis Audios that are available for free are:

  1. The Inner Child Healing Heart Hypnosis Recording

  2. The Worthiness Building Hypnosis Recording

  3. The Money Blocks Release Hypnosis Recording

  4. The Confidence Building Hypnosis Recording

  5. The Business Growth Hypnosis Recording