Module 5 Video Training Release: Tuesday, August 7th at 9 am PST/ 12 pm

August Monthly Module 5: FB/Instagram Ads training 


Click the play button below to listen to the business growth hypnosis recording. Listen to it for the first time while you are awake, but in a relaxed state. Then listen to it everyday for at least 21 consecutive days while you are in a relaxed state or at night as you drift off to sleep.

We met as a group on Tuesday, August 21st at 5 pm PST / 7 pm CST / 8 pm EST to review the Homework for Module 5 and answer your questions related to your money mindset work, inner work and the FB/Instagram Ads training.

  Here is the recording of the group meeting..



You can also book your monthly 1:1 call concerning Module 5 between August 20th - September 10th. Here is the link to my calendar to book your 1:1 session every month.