Reclaim Your Power 5 Week Program



Week 1: Intro session To Review Daily Inner Work and EFT Practice. Session 1 also includes the Inner child Healing Heart Hypnosis Session  - These sessions will leave you feeling safe, loved, worthy, and powerful.

Week 2: Accountability Session and Regression Hypnosis to discover the root cause of the Unworthiness: 

Week 3: NLP Timeline Session to Reimprint and release the root cause of the limiting beliefs and unworthiness 

Week 4: Accountability Session and the Confidence Building Hypnosis Session

Week 5:  Visioning Hypnosis Session 

The Recording of the second session is below


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Unworthiness Regression Hypnosis Recording for seven consecutive days. Listen to it the first time while you are in a relaxed state to allow the three memories to come to the surface