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After listening to the business growth hypnosis session, she booked a wedding party of 12 for hair, makeup, and massages.. a corporate spa package for 15 employees, and her phone is ringing again off the hook for clients booking appointments.. I asked her if she was implementing my marketing strategies to bring in new business. She said "nope, the only things I did were the daily mindset practice you taught me as well as listening to your business growth hypnosis session twice a day!!!!!"

She saw a huge dip in her business as a result of going through some difficult times emotionally.. I first started working with her to help her heal emotionally using the power of hypnosis. You can't create money when you are not feeling 100% emotionally. When you are feeling great about your life and good about yourself, it opens the space for inspired ideas to create money!!

Connie Wilson, Bridgeville, PA
Oct 4, 2022

If you haven't picked up the Rashida's Business Growth Hypnosis Session, you need to. I was inspired by Rashida's client that was seeing an increase in her business just listening to the hypnosis session despite her having an action plan they worked on. 

That totally amazed me so I purchased it and started listening to it March 17. Since that first night, I have had an old friend reach out to me who is interested in my personal styling and shopping services, I was referred to a potential client for some packing for home staging services, a client asked me to organize some drawers in her bedroom while she's away and take care of a couple of other things for her and I was asked to assist my friend on 3 home staging projects in the next 3 weeks with a potential 4th one. All of this in one week!

I am so excited to see what other opportunities will manifest as I continue to listen to the session. I will definitely continue to listen to it after the required 21 days as it can only benefit me further. Nothing could be easier...just put in your ear buds and relax yourself! It's well worth the investment!

Marie Mercurius, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Oct 4, 2022

Its amazing! After listening to the business growth hypnosis session only after one time, I manifested my first VIP day with a new client for $1,000!!!!

Lysa Michael, Queensland, Australia
Oct 4, 2022