Rashida Gaye Coaching

My name is Rashida Gaye. I grew up in the inner cities of both Philly, PA and Brooklyn NY because my parents divorced when I was very young.

Things were challenging in my life as a child and I experienced poverty, mother abandonment, and childhood sexual abuse. In spite of the challenges that I faced, there was always a part of me that believed that I had the power to create a life that I love.

I decided at an early age to create a life that I would love in spite of my past. This created within me this desire to rise, to grow, to supersede any limitations that were created within me. Over the years, I have invested in therapy and coaching to fall more in love with myself and increase my level of self worth and value.

I am a Penn State Graduate and have been happily married for over 17 years. We also have two beautiful children. Before purchasing a 45 year old insurance agency in 2020, I was a conference planner and then a successful sales rep earning my company over 2 million dollars. I was awarded a fake gold watch as a reward for this accomplishment and that was the MindShift that I needed to realize that I deserved so much more. This led to my decision to start a business.

I started online coaching in 2015. I first started by helping women all over the world create success in their lives and relationships with my custom designed life coaching programs. I then began to work with business coaching clients and helped them sell over $4 million dollars in new business within a five year period.

My purpose and my mission is to help my clients build their confidence, create financial security, protect their assets, and create generational wealth.

Recognize "The Queen" Within

I believe all women have two parts within. There is the Queen and her Little Girl.

The Queen is her divine energy that has a vision for the life and business that she feels destined to create. The Queen believes in herself. The Queen knows all the steps to take to build her empire and easily attracts the right resources and people to help her do just that. The Queen feels deserving of all that she desires.

She knows that her pain from the past was only there to inspire her purpose. She is not afraid to create a life of joy, happiness, purpose, and prosperity on her own terms. And then there is her little girl. This represent the parts of her that are holding her back from living a life of joy, happiness, purpose, and prosperity.

These parts cause self-sabotage and were normally created in her childhood. These are her fears, insecurities, triggers, success blocks, and her self-sabotaging behaviors.

These parts show up as the limiting beliefs in her subconscious mind that stop her from realizing the success that she deserves. She know that these parts are the ONLY thing in the way of manifesting the highest vision for her life and her business.

The Queen within knows that this is her time to rise. This is her time to release the limiting beliefs that have held her back for too long. She is ready to do the powerful mindset work and confidence building work that will allow her to truly step forward as a Queen without the little one pulling her back and keeping her stuck in the past.

Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Reality

Your greatest resources are your higher power and the power of your mind. If you want to live your highest vision, you will be required to release your limiting beliefs and create new beliefs only in support of your vision.

There is intense inner work that will be required and our work together will take you within your subconscious mind to release the blocks in the way of your success. Your Queen awaits. She is ready to build her empire!