Rashida Gaye
Owner - Life Coach

My name is Rashida Gaye. I grew up in the inner cities of both Philly, PA and Brooklyn NY because my parents divorced when I was very young.

Things were challenging in my life as a child and I experienced poverty, mother abandonment, and childhood sexual abuse. In spite of the challenges that I faced, there was always a part of me that believed that I had the power to create a new reality.  

I decided at an early age to create a life that I would love in spite of my past. This created within me this desire to rise..to grow…to supercede any limitations that were created within me. Over the years, I invested in therapy and coaching to fall more in love with myself and increase my level of worth and value.

I am a Penn State Graduate and have been happily married for over 17 years. We also have two beautiful children. Before purchasing my insurance agency in 2020, I was a conference planner and then a successful sales rep earning my company over 2 million dollars. I was awarded a fake gold watch as a reward for this accomplishment and that was the MindShift that I needed to realize that I deserved so much more. This led to my decision to start a business. 

I started online coaching seven years ago. I first started by helping women all over the world create success in their lives and relationships with my custom designed life coaching programs. I then began to help my business coaching clients and helped them sell over $4 million dollars in new business within a five year period.

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